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Pabst Brewing History Comes to Life at Best Place - By: Bryan Carey
Great Beer Now

Reviving Milwaukee’s Historic Pabst Brewery - By: Caitlin
Big World, Small Girl

The Most Beautiful Bar In Town? - By: Michael Horne
Best Place at the Pabst is one of the most enchanting saloons in the nation

A Blue Ribbon Tour: The Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery - By: David Jester
To New England … and Beyond

Best Place Beer History Tour - By: Connie
Midwest Wanderer

[Historic Bars] Milwaukee’s Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery - By: David Weible
PreservationNation Blog

Taken Aback by Pabst: A day at the Pabst site, cameras and pens in hand. - By: Aimee Robinson 

Jim Haertel | BrewCity Redevelopment Group, Chief Steward - By: Brian Loebig
The Ink Blog

The Handcrafted “Blue Ribbon Hall” Milwaukee’s Historic Pabst Brewery
The Craftsman Bungalow

Urban spelunking at an historic tavern
 - By: Bobby Tanzilo

“Tragically Happy” One Man’s passion to quench his thirst… - By: dudaluke 

Best Place provides fascinating, funny historic brewery tour- By: Molly Snyder

Best Place Historic Pabst Brewery Tour - By: Christine
A Fresh Look - Discovering and rediscovering Wisconsin. a travel blog

Best Place Tavern: A beer-filled trip down memory lane - By: Jackie Dreyer
Milwaukee Magazine

Best Place Pabst Brewery Tour in Milwaukee WI - By: James Thoenes
Eyes On Wisconsin

TCD Exclusive: The Return of the King - By: Brian Jacobson
Third Coast Digest

Pabst and present: Tapping into the history of Pabst Brewing Company - By: Renee Lorenz

Shuttered Pabst Brewery Brims With History - By: Gretchen Ehlke (AP)
Los Angeles Times

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