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Jan. 18, 2021 - Jan. 18, 2022

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    Best Place at Pabst – Pabst Brewery Neighborhood Virtual Tour (PBR not included)

    Feb 28 2:28 pm - 3:28 pm


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    best place pabst milwaukee vm virtual tourIn association with Visit Milwaukee, Best Place is pleased to offer a virtual event in their Giving Fest promotion.

    Pop open a cold PBR or your favorite Milwaukee craft brew and let Best Place at Pabst owner, Jim Haertel, and critically acclaimed Tour Guide, Scott Smith, take you on a Virtual Tour of the “Surviving Sixteen” Buildings at the Pabst Brewery.

    Get drunk on beer and brewing history and architecture you had not imagined! A beer sampler of what you’ll see: most of the Buildings date 1858 to 1899; presented in ‘brewing process order;’ exterior and interior photos and videos; historic brewing processes performed within; what is going on in them now; e.g. an 1872 Church that is repurposed as a Pabst Building---Twice! Look for new bits of trivia from Scotty and a treasure trove of ‘back stories’ from Jim’s trials and tribulations. Prosit! Cheers!!

    A link to order tickets, $10.00 ea. will be posted in the near future.

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